Friday, December 19, 2014

Streaking Away From 50!

No, not that kind of streaking.

Run streak! For the first time, I'm trying out the whole run streak thing. Taking my normal 4 day a week training runs, and adding 5k's on the off days. It's been much different then I expected. I went in thinking that it would be too much for my old legs, and that I'd wear out quickly. So far it's been quite the opposite. My legs feel stronger, and my training times have held up, if not even improved.

Who'd have thought.

December 4th: 5.2 Miles 48:00  9:14/Mile
December 5th: 3.1 Miles 26:53  8:40/Mile
December 6th: 4.0 Miles 36:30  9:08/Mile
December 7th: 15.01 Miles 2:45:24 11:01/Mile
December 8th:  3.1 Miles 26:50  8:39/Mile
December 9th: 5.0 Miles  45:11  9:02/Mile
December 10th: 3.1 Miles  26:46  8:38/Mile
December 11th: 6.3 Miles  58:00  9:12/Mile
December 12th: 3.1 Miles  27:48  8:58/Mile
December 13th: 4.0 Miles  35:20  8:50/Mile
December 14th: 16.07 Miles 2:50:21 10:36/Mile
December 15th: 3.1 Miles  27:34  8:54/Mile
December 16th: 5.0 Miles  46:15  9:15/Mile
December 17th: 3.1 Miles  27:26  8:51/Mile
December 18th: 6.2 Miles  55:10  8:54/Mile

15 Days so far, with a 15 mile and 16 mile long run included. I'm pretty happy with the 10:36 splits for 16, better then the11:01 splits a week earlier for 15. I'm really happy with the 10K yesterday. 6.2 miles with sub 9 splits. My best time at that distance since I tore up my ankle last year.

Overall it feels like the daily running regimen is helping me with stamina, it's helping with consistency, and so far there's been no negative side effects that I can see. No soreness, not too tired, and my knees and ankles are holding up.

But wait there's more! I've finally added a little strength training into the mix. 2 to 3 days, before the 5K's I'll do upper body and core. So I feel stinger, it's helping with my weight, and I get to feel like a total fool picking up 35lb dumbbells next to the guys at the gym pressing 90 each. Whatever.

Not sure yet how long I want this experiment to last, want to go for 20 in my next long run Sunday, and that may require a rest day or two.