Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Time to get moving again!

It's 2016, and yes, it's that time. Time to get my ass up and off the couch, back out there running again. The back end of 2015 was challenging. Family and health issues that we all have to deal with, but that can monopolize time and take you pretty far off course.

The result? I'm 30 pounds heavier then I was this time last year. A 3 mile run takes me 10 to 12 minutes more to complete then it did a year ago.  My diet has gone completely to shit, and apparently I'm cursing a lot more. None of these are great signs.

So it's a good time to get back in gear. Started on Saturday, and got a short run in. 3 miles, but you know, better then nothing.

And then it's on to diet. Went through and collected all the crap that I'd been hiding at the house, and at the office. Took away a few grocery bags full of cookies, chocolate, candy, etc. Started yesterday, and will actually try and keep track of my eating.

Meal Plan Yesterday:

Breakfast Eggs, one piece of toast
Lunch: Brown Rice & Tuna Poke
Dinner: Brown Rice, Vegetables and Tofu
Snack: Oranges and Apples

So I'm off to the races. Going to get my ass back in gear, get my weight under control, and look to make 2016 a healthier year then the one that just ended.

I'll keep you posted...