Thursday, January 8, 2015

Keep Streaking?

Run Streak Day 35!

Now I need to make some decisions. Is this helping? Is it healthy? Can I keep it up? Should I streak through the taper? What bout after my next race? So many questions.

The Run Streak thing has been a really great experience so far, feel like I'm getting a lot out of it. The routine, the discipline, the dependability, and the miles. It's quickly become part of my day, something I look forward too whether I'm doing 20 outside or 2 on the treadmill. It has become that cliche "Me Time". My times are coming down, I've avoided the normal rash of training woes, turned ankles, tweaked hamstrings, so overall it has seemed to be a positive.

But when is it too much of a good thing? All the books talk about the importance of rest days, especially for the over 50 crowd. Am I streaking towards the cliff?

This is what the last 35 days looks like:

December 4th: 5.2 Miles 48:00  9:14/Mile
December 5th: 3.1 Miles 26:53  8:40/Mile
December 6th: 4.0 Miles 36:30  9:08/Mile
December 7th: 15.01 Miles 2:45:24 11:01/Mile
December 8th:  3.1 Miles 26:50  8:39/Mile
December 9th: 5.0 Miles  45:11  9:02/Mile
December 10th: 3.1 Miles  26:46  8:38/Mile
December 11th: 6.3 Miles  58:00  9:12/Mile
December 12th: 3.1 Miles  27:48  8:58/Mile
December 13th: 4.0 Miles  35:20  8:50/Mile
December 14th: 16.07 Miles 2:50:21 10:36/Mile
December 15th: 3.1 Miles  27:34  8:54/Mile
December 16th: 5.0 Miles  46:15  9:15/Mile
December 17th: 3.1 Miles  27:26  8:51/Mile
December 18th: 6.2 Miles  55:10  8:54/Mile
December 19th: 3.1 Miles 26:53  8:4/0Mile
December 20th: 4.0 Miles 34:44  8:41/Mile
December 21st: 20 Miles 3:44:14 11:12/Mile
December 22nd: 3.1 Miles 27:00  8:43/Mile
December 23rd: 4.0 Miles 43:21  8:35/Mile
December 24th: 2.4 Miles 20:20  8:28/Mile
December25th: 8.0 Miles 1:13:14 9:09/Mile
December 26th: 1.66 Miles 14:30 8:32/Mile
December 27th: 3.0 Miles 26:00  8:39/Mile
December 28th: 16.2 Miles 2:43:31 10:05/Mile
December 29th: 3.1 Miles 25:50 8:20/Mile
December 30th: 4 Miles 35:04 8:46/Mile
December 31st: 2.92 Miles 27:08 9:17/Mile (+12 mile bike)
January 1st: 8.0 Miles 1:12:11 9:00/Mile
January 2nd: 3.1 Miles 26:30  8:31/Mile
January 3rd: 6.22 Miles 58:39  9:26/Mile
January 4th: 18.22 Miles 3:14:54 10:42/Mile
January 5th: 2.0 Miles 16:44  8:22/Mile
January 6th: 5.0 Miles 43:30  8:42/Mile
January 7th: 3.1 Miles 26:54  8:41/Mile

My next race is 5 weeks out, I've got 2 more long runs and then I'm supposed to taper. So I have these questions running around in my head. 

To Recap:

1) How long to keep the streak going?
2) Can I streak through taper?
3) Can I continue the streak post A1A Marathon?
4) Why am I doing this anyway?