Thursday, February 6, 2014

Now an SLO Marathon Ambassador!

Just want to say thanks to the folks running the SLO Marathon for letting me join their team and help promote their great event! It's great to have a goal now and hopefully take my recovery running back into some real miles training for the event.

Made it through the 2 Rehab miles at PT yesterday, still relegated to the treadmill. But it's starting to feel like me again, and I'm really hoping I can get back out on the road. Injuries are a little scarier then they used to be, and the after effects are a whole different deal. The process seems much longer, and there's no margin for error. In days past it was easy to blow through the doctors orders, maybe take a passing run at PT. Now I have to really focus, do the exercises, stay away from cheating, and I can't get ahead of myself. The other part that's different is the mental game. Instead of ignoring the aches and pains, instead of blowing through cramps, I have to listed to my body and back off, adjust, ask for help. Some of the adjustments for aging are less fun then others. Anyway, I hope I'm talking about miles and splits and hill repeats soon, not PT and Stim and TREADMILLS.

Me in better days...

I'll post a lot more about the race, but for now here's the main site:
SLO Marathon Main Site