Sunday, December 7, 2014

15 After 50

Does turning 50 make any real difference? Is there a sudden physical change that leaves you unable to keep putting one foot in front of the other?

Probably not. But that's the thinking that I've got associated with the new decade in front of my age. "50" seems old, even in my own head.

I was born in the 60's,the sandwich generation. The product of an era that thought 21 was old. Anyone over 30 was from another age, a generation gap that was a point of pride. "We" did things that were cool. "They" did things that were establishment. We never wanted to grow up, never wanted to be mature. Live hard and leave a good looking....

Oddly enough, all that shit lives on, in how I see myself, how I see my generation, and how I view my place in the world.

I want to feel young, I want to continue to feel active, to feel vibrant, to feel relevant. And for some insane reason, I've chosen running as a way of doing that.

So i've been running over the last 4 years, I've gotten 3 marathons in and countless miles of training, so by all evidence, I've got this. I can get my ass in shape for the next race I want to run. 50 is no different then 49.

But I still had to prove it to myself, and today was the day to do it.

And I got in my longest run of my 50's. 15 miles After 50!

It was an amazing day in Santa Monica, it was cool and crisp, and getting out there at 6:30 meant that the sun was just peaking over the horizon. I got the see the whole stretch of Santa Monica to Venice almost by myself, most of it before 8AM.

I got to find a pace appropriate for my age :) pretty much 11 minute miles for training is where I live now. I got to prove to myself that I can still do this, and I got to get home and rested before football starts at 10AM.

All in all a pretty good effort for an old man on a Sunday. An affirmation that my perceptions of myself as "Old" aren't necessarily reality. I can still move, and can still contribute, I can still get out there and do a little damage.

To be continued...