Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Zero For My Last Four!

One of the greatest things about running is goals. I get to set goals, I get to work a plan, see progress, and literally reach the finish line. It helps me focus. It helps me forget. It helps me far beyond the actual race.

If I can get through a 20 mile training run, I can handle a long day. If I can drag my ass out of bed for a 5:00AM workout, it's no problem getting to a 6AM flight. When I see myself accomplishing a goal, finishing a race, setting a new PR, it encourages me at work, with my family, in the community, to achieve there as well.

That's a stark contrast to the last 6 months. I've missed the start of the last four events I signed up to run, and it's a streak I'm no really thrilled with.

New Years Run: Missed it with a tear in two ligaments in my ankle.

LA Marathon 2014: Missed it. Only back to training a few weeks, no way to tackle 26.2

Hollywood Half: Death in the family, last second trip to SoFL for the services.

SLO Marathon: Work schedule conflicts. Shooting schedule couldn't me changed to accommodate my race. Horrible, I know.

It's by no means a life threatening situation, but it is a little bit of a confidence shaking one. I'm asking myself questions I thought I'd answered. Can I do this? Am I strong enough? Do I have the commitment in me? Am I looking for excuses? And of course it's on me to answer them. I'm seeing the impact at home, at work, feeling less motivated, shorter tempered, and slower to react. I can do something about that too.

Here's my answer:


I'm back to training, signed up for the SF Marathon July 27th.

I can break the bad streak, I can get myself back in shape, and I can get ready for SF. I've started building up my miles, pushing to 12-14 on the Long Slow Distance Runs on Sundays, making time for shorter training runs during the week. I'm following a plan, getting stronger, and working to a goal.

For me, that's another one of the great things about running. You can almost always start over. You can pick yourself up, turn yourself around, and get moving in the right direction again. And if I can do it here, I can apply those seam lessons everywhere else.

So I'm back, and I'm doing this, and I'm loving it.

See you in San Francisco July 27th!