Friday, March 14, 2014

Rehabbing from Rehab! Getting ready for the SLO Marathon Con't.

What does it take to get that 50 year old body back on the road?

That's the big question I'm faced with 4 months post ligament tears. It started with rest, and progressed to PT. From there to a bicycle, and then an elliptical. Moved on to a treadmill, and then finally back on to the road about 2 weeks ago.

But bouncing back is not as easy as it once was. Besides the fact that my stamina is shot, and 3 miles feels a little like 13.1, I've had post injury "after shocks" as new and different challenges to conquer.

First up, hamstring tightness. That's a scary one, because I've gone down the "pulled hammy" road before. Hit me two weeks ago when I got back out on the road. So stop down a day or two, check in with the PT, and make sure it's nothing serious.

It wasn't. so I'm back on the road. I think. Nope, next is something called post tibial tendonitis? What's that? Had to google it. More PT, it's not too serious, something about rolling a tennis ball under my arch, and away I go!

Or not. So the combination of the ankle, post tibial whatever, and the hammy, seems I've over compensated and next up were calve cramps. Never had those before, yay.  Back to the PT, a few more days of rest, and should be back to normal.

The only way to know for sure? Jump back on the treadmill and see what happens...

Got my run in, made it through another session of PT, and I'll see what happens as I ramp up the distance and pace one more time.

My goal?

43 Days Until The SLO Marathon!