Monday, January 20, 2014

1st Mile Back!

Happy MLK Day to all.

The last few months have brought all the joys of aging together for me to enjoy.  Torn ligaments, pulled muscles, and most recently, the flu. I never get the flu. At least I never used to get the flu. Now I do. Came up on me during work last week, but no way I could bale out during production, so forced through and made it to the long weekend. And yes, I finally work for a company that gives MLK day off.

Slept if off for the last three days, and only left the house once. To go to the gym, and put in my first full mile on the treadmill since I injured my ankle November 2nd.

Warmed up for 20 minute on the elliptical, and headed over to the 'mill. Pushed the speed all the way up to 5 (those blazing fast 12  minute miles) and let loose. No pain, no limp, all went well. It's crazy to think that three months ago I was knocking off 20 mile training runs as a 2nd thought, looking forward to them all week. Now I'm stressing over a mile, sweating and panting to get to the finish. Anyway, made it in one piece, and maybe I've turned the corner.

Iced afterwards with "Frozen Peaz"(@frozenpeaz1) I'd share a picture if I knew how to post them, but maybe next time. If you ice after runs, you should check them out, really cool. And sat my ass back down on the couch the rest of the day to recover from my grueling 11 minute journey.

But it's a first mile back, and I can't wait for more.

Much Love & Keep Running!